Rapid political and environmental changes have significant impacts on societies around the world. Maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet within safe environmental boundaries for an increasing world population is one of the biggest problems humanity faces today. How can we shift systematically from commitment to action in the face of these problems?

Sustainability Academy and TUGIS, which brought together the food sector with the goal of raising awareness towards a sustainable growth last year, are carrying out the 4rd Sustainable Food Conference on the 17th October 2018 with the participation of all stakeholders.

National and international experts from business, government, science and civil society come together at the Sustainable Food Conference to deep dive into conversation about sustainability transition in food systems towards a healthy, reliable and accessible food for all over the world.

The conference aims to ask the tough questions about the challenges and opportunities related with the issues such as population growth, climate change, sustainable development, resource productivity, health, hunger and migration and show how solutions can be produced by the business community through the transformation of food systems.

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