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National and international experts from the fields of business, public, science and civil society come together for the 4th time this year with the Sustainable Food Conference in order to raise awareness in the sector towards a healthy, reliable and achievable food goal for the ever-increasing world population and to accelerate the transformation of sustainability in food systems.


Sustainable Food Conference 2018 aims to find integrative solutions against problems of today’s food industry. Population growth, climate change, health, resoruse management, sustainablity and food security, science are beyond being just research area, these are also important political issues and include exciting business opportunities. What we eat not only determines our health, but also the health of our planet. This year the conference will focus on sustainable food supply and consumption; from consumer behavior to a transparent supply chain, from packaging to food waste, from environmental impacts to sustainable agriculture, from sustainable retail chains to ecosystem protection.

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture Applications

Climate Change and Resource Productivity

Transperant and Responsible Supply Chain

End-to-end Supply Chain, Package, Logistic, Food Retail

Food Technology and Innovation

Digitalization, Blockchain, Big Data, Startups, Investment&Finance


Healthy, Conscious, Personalized

Food Waste

Reduction, Transformantion, Recycling

Responsible Communication and Marketing

Brand Trust, Customer Royalty, Consciousness Raising

Take your place at Sustainable Food Conference 2018
for sustainable growth in food sector…


What is being done to make the Sustainable Food Conference 2018 a Carbon Neutral Event?

Sustainable Food Conference 2018 will be organized as Carbon Neutral Event with the goal of raising awareness among all parties, ensuring environmental sensitiveness and reducing environmental impacts for a sustainable future.


National and international experts from business world, public, science and civil society come around with Sustainable Food Conference in order to shape future of food.

  • Food Industry Representatives
  • Communication & Marketing Professionals
  • Retail and Logistic Representatives
  • Food Sector Suppliers
  • Investors and Financiers
  • Digital Technology Suppliers
  • Hotel & Restourant Professionals
  • Supervision & Licensing Professionals
  • Gastronomy Professionals
  • University & Civil Society Organization Representatives
  • Young Entrepreneurs
    and all other stakeholders…


17 October 2018
Sustainable Food Conference

Fairmont Quasar İstanbul

Fulya Mahallesi, Büyükdere Cd.
Quasar Tower No:76,
34394 Şişli/İstanbul


Fairmont Quasar

Images from the conference location

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