Nutrition: Better Food Side Event

The 4th Sustainable Food Conference focuses on nutrition with the "Nutrition: Better Food" side event

Nutrition is a biological action that can be defined as the process of supplying the nutrient and energy needs of living metabolism. However; the founding, selection and consumption behavior of essential nutrients derives nutrition from purely biological action. Beyond physiological meaning, nutrition through economic, social and cultural dimension has become a subject that is frequently discussed today.

The increasing popularity of personalized nutrition diets, the dual reflection of fast consumption patterns in the food sector, record-high health problems such as obesity, and similar developments proves that dietary habits and food policies need to be reviewed once again.

Sustainable Food Conference will take place on October 17, 2018; aims to measure the dynamics of individual and community health by addressing the issue of nutrition on proper nutritional awareness, local food culture, gastronomy, organic foods, alternative nutrition models, specific risk groups and public policies in different sessions. Experience areas and parallel sessions to be included in the side event; experts and participants.

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